OT_Falko - get a wakeup if there is a running host

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OT_Falko - get a wakeup if there is a running host

Post by orcus » Wed Dec 26, 2012 6:03 am

admin : DOWNLOAD LINK is at the end of this topic.

Hi people - merry xmas!

I have a little present for you (work in progress):

OT_Falko watches Barteks emu-server and shows you if there are running host + gives you some soundnotification if something changes (hosts get available :D ).
The current version show up to 4 hosts (which should be enough right now).

After adding some more features there will be a new version comming up in the next days

OT_Falko is currently only tested for Windows XP (SP3) and Windows7 (SP1)

IT IS NOT TESTED FOR Windows Vista or Windows 8 :mrgreen: ...

OT_Falko does not run on Windows 2000 SP2 or lower due to missing system-files.
(msvcrt80.dll, gdiplus.dll) which might be available if some newer software was
installed on the computer - but this was not the case on the old testing-machine...

If you want to test it under Windows 8 - I'am interested in the result as I
don't run Windows 8 on any computer right now (and I don't think that
I will run Windows 8 at all in the future :D)

OT_Falko is freeware

.... BUT ....

You use OT_Falko at your own risk: there are no guaranties - neither explictly
nor implictyl given, that using OT_Falko wont harm your computer.

** Ok that's it for the legal stuff to save my company from trouble ....

Download the OT_Falko.zip (do some virus-scanning) and unpack the included OT_Falko.exe to your prefered location (should require no further installation).
In case it runs well on your computer you can put it to your Autostart-Folder (and wont hopefully never again miss an running host).

Some minimal manual:
After starting OT_Falko should appear in the lower-right corner of your destop above the tastbar.

Quitting it: Just select the menu File|Exit (OT_Falko is intentionally not shown in the tastbar) or - in case something strange is happening - go to the taskmanager and kill it there...
Moving it: Just left-click and holding mouse-button down to drag OT_Falko to a new location (dragging does not work if you click into the area of the menu-bar). The new location
is not stored (right now - means: with the next start of OT_Falko it will popup at it's default-location again).

What the colors (right now) mean:
4 gray dots ... sorry there is no host running (OT_Falko checks the status every 30 seconds ... so let him some time, as the emu-server has some delay to until it gets updated)
you can check it on your own - just start hosting a game ... status should change.

4 orange dots ... that's bad ... the emu-server can't be reached: either it's not up and running or OT_Falko is blocked by the firewall - check again with

some (or up to 4) green dots ... there are the according number of host listet on the emu-server
What Bartek says on his startpage:
*Including servers that u cant join (behind NATs, firewalls, hosted through gameranger,..)
is true for the current version of OT_Falko too. (But will hopefully change soon, as I want to add some more detection (querying the host to get more details)...)

Sounds - there are four different sounds which will notify you about different events:
noserver - the emu-server is not reachable

nohost - the emu-server is available but there is no (more host); will be played if
the last available host is closed or in case the server was not available
before and came back online with no current host running

hostplus - there is (another) host available

hostminus - one of the available host terminated but there are still more hosts available

Refresh and configuration
Right now there is no need to do configuration. OT_Falko does not need to have the hosts-file been
tweaked but directly connects to barteks emu-server.

The default-refresh is executed every 30 seconds.

OT_Falko will stay on top of other windows and is partial transparent - so it does not hide other things too much.

Known issues - until now 2012.12.26
0) I will add some more detailed description especially on how to setup your own sound-files to get some more pleasant alarms
+ how to change gui-settings (transparancy + stayontop) and so on within the next days.

1) In case a host closes an race: It looks like that the emu-server uses some large time-out until it updates it's hostlist - so OT_Falko will show
available hosts for some long, long time...
(New host are noticed quite fast (some seconds after it started a hosted game) + the timeout of OT_Falko (default is 30 seconds))

The timeout is much lower in case someone looks at the startpage of http://www.cmr04.com (where the server-count is shown too eidt: And refreshes the page for 2 times pressing F5); I guess that in this case
Bartek forces the hostlist to be updated immediatedly .. (guessing right x42 ? :D )

In case the host ended a game, but still runs cmr04 (to join another game for himselfe or to drive offline): 15 minutes
In case the host ended a game and did quit cmr04 : 10 minutes (could be 15 minutes too, as I don't know whether somebody went to the http://www.cmr04.com startpage in the meantime....)

2) Window 2000 SP2 needs additional files to run (MSVCRT8.dll, gdiplus.dll ) which might be missing if you don't installed some newer software on it.
I am looking if I can fix the issue - as I guess there are very few people running Windows 2000 :twisted: this issue will have lowest to zero priority...


So have a nice vacation and stay well,

Merry X-Mas,


PS: Make a note to your compadres if you find it valueable - hope there will be more people back online soon.
PPS.: Version is outdated ... there is an update Version - see last(?) topic(s)...
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Re: OT_Falko - get a wakeup if there is a running host

Post by XanaX » Wed Dec 26, 2012 5:29 pm

Very nice tool,tested and working for me (windows xp)
Thanks orcus and Merry Christmas :)

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Re: OT_Falko - get a wakeup if there is a running host

Post by orcus » Wed Dec 26, 2012 5:34 pm


looks like the long time-out in case of a quitting hosts is history - thanks Bartek,

cu, orcus
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Re: OT_Falko - get a wakeup if there is a running host

Post by kaardilugeja » Thu Dec 27, 2012 11:37 pm


this works in my Windows 8 with no problems.

EDIT: few feature requests - option to disable sounds and minimize to tray icon :)

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OT_Falko V106

Post by orcus » Wed Jan 02, 2013 3:05 am


Here is a newer version of OT_Falko - work in progres

runs with Win XP and Win 7 ( should run with Win 8 too - not tested)


No more Alarms for "banned" hosts named "Falko OFF" or "gsemu says:" will be suppressed (as I was testing a lot in the past starting and stopping a host again and again ... sorry for that :-( )

Host with malicious data or banned hosts only show up with a black circle (no alarm at all) which vanishes away after some time.

Zombies (unreachable hosts) are marked with a purple circle instead of a full dot - no alarm ....

In case the emu-server can't be reached : 4 orange circles (and the according alarm)

In-game alarm is much softer (and can be turned off via OT_Falko.xml-Configuration-file for a single event or in total for in-game-mode

Refresh-rate can be adjusted via config - don't go to low with refresh-rates and DO NOT TOUCH time-out-settings as you might bann out compadres as zombies who are just a little slow with the answer...

User-defined sounds can be setup per event - seperate for in-game and desktop-mode.

Each available host shows up with three circles -
most-outer : green - host is registered (no zombie and not banned)
middle : dark-green - there are free slots available / yellow - lobby is full
inner : green - host is in lobby / red host is in-game

... colors can be adjusted via config-file

In-Game-detection (for turning alarm to low-volume or turn it off at all) when running in full-screen-mode; current setup contains already one entry for "PC_CMR4";
other applications can be added the via config-file... adding an entry using the windows-title of the according application (must realy run in full-screen-mode otherwise you just waste your time :-) )

In case you don't want to change anything of the default-setuo: the config-file is not needed for running OT_Falko and can be removed (the internal defaults matches excactly the unchanged version of the external config-file)

In case the config-file is broken / made invalid by 'misscofiguration' - the internal defaults will be used anyway... (will add some feature to show this case to the user)

I will add the details about how to setup the config-file later ....

Have fun (and less anoying sounds :D and less false alaramed zombies etc...) - happy new year,


PS.: Thx bartek for the additional space and for the assistance to debug the color-mismatch - should work now as expected.

PPS.: Version 1.06 is outdated ... there is an update Version 1.07- see next topic(s)...
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Post by orcus » Wed Jan 02, 2013 7:22 pm


last updated version V1.07
1) Removed false positive detection (some host got banned by OT_Falko_V106 as their version of CMR04 sends some more data)
2) Bugfix palyer/count lobby-full or slots free
3) Compressed some of the internal data to make the final exe a little smaller again

Description according to V1.06 above - (old attachment removed there)

PS.: Version is outdated ... there is an update Version- see next topic(s)...
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OT_Falko V108

Post by orcus » Fri Jan 04, 2013 2:39 am

And again a new verion :-) of OT_Falko

1) In game-detection should work more relyable
2) show 8 hosts now
3) added another entry to the bann-list ...

This will be the last version for the next days/weeks (as long I don't see something too buggy)...

cu - orcus

PS.: In case you experience some problems ... leave a note here..
PPS.: For people who know to read it - the xsd-sxhema-file of the OT_Falk.xml config-file (shows the accectable values and entries for the config file)
can be downloaded at the referenced (name-space-)-url http://orcus.de/schema/OT_Falko/V100/OT_Falko.xsd

edit (2015-07-31): The old zip-file OT_Falke_V108.zip has been corrupt and was replaced with OT_Falke_V108a.zip.
Test md5-checksum 231dd2c4b5f84f5ab77a4f6b944cc7e1 after download!
(1.59 MiB) Downloaded 496 times
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